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FAQ & Tips

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My grill just won’t get hot, thermometer doesn’t go past 200 degrees.
A: Very good chance the grill was turned on/off in wrong order. When starting the grill turn tank on (all control knobs need to be in the off position) then turn grill on. When finished cooking turn ALL control knobs off on grill then turn propane tank off.

Q: I went to refill my gas bottle and the attendant told me my tank could not be filled, and that I needed to buy a new tank.
A: Propane cylinders can only be filled for 12 years from the date of manufacturing before they need to be re-qualified. The manufacturing date is stamped on the collar of the tank ie: 05-12

Q: Propane is leaking between my hose and tank.
A: There are two places where you should check to determine where the propane is leaking from. Disconnect the tank and reconnect. Turn the tank on slowly, do not turn on the grill knobs. There is a small vent hole on the side of the silver regulator, (located at the end of hose before black knob) apply a solution of soapy water here and see if it bubbles. If it does you need to replace your hose and regulator. The second area to test for leaks (bubbles) is after the black knob that you screw onto the tank. If you see bubbles between the black knob and the tank then the ORING in the tank is bad and you need to replace the tank. The older the tank is the more likely this is bound to happen. You can see the ORING in question if you look into the threaded area.

Q: The paint on the inside of my grill is peeling, can I repaint it?
A: The inside of your grill was never painted. The “peeling paint” is just built up grease. The inside cover is very easy to clean if you remove the hood from the grill by the cotter pins in the back. Be extra careful cleaning it if the hood is porcelain so as not to chip it.

Q: I have a older Weber grill that used a quick disconnect tank and my tank is over 12 years old. Where can I buy a quick disconnect tank.
A: You most likely will not find a new 20lb quick disconnect tank but you don’t need to buy a new grill. We can sell you a new hose and regulator to fit your older Weber that will connect to any current propane tank.

Q: I have a very low flame and the grill will not get hot. I just had my tank filled and nothing will come out.
A: The tank is equipped with an excess flow valve that limits the flow of gas in case of a leak. The procedure in turning the grill on/off is ESSENTIAL to not engage this valve. First disconnect and reconnect the tank, turn the tank on slowly, then turn the grill knobs on and light the grill. When turning off the grill turn the knobs off at the grill first, then shut the tank off. The first time you use your tank after having it filled be sure to turn tank on slowly, you may have to connect/reconnect to try again.